Special Purpose / Custom Built Motors

Motors For Material Handling Equipments

Electrical swinging field type dynamometer for load test of any prime mover ( AC / DC Motors, Diesel Engine etc. ) specially useful for accurate measurement of load torque and continuous load tests. Measurement of torque can be done by conventional spring balances or for better accuracy using load cell with digital torque indicator. Dynamometer can be supplied with extended base & raisers to mount and couple different frame size prime-movers under test.

Range: 0.18 KW to 100 KW

Battery Operated Special Purpose Motor

Output Range: 0.18 KW to 10 KW
Voltage: 12 to 110

Motor for Solar Pump
Motor For Blower

Motors for Treadmills

We provide DC Motors for TreadMills (if required, also with Fly wheel Mounted on Motor shaft). Suitable for Thyristor Drive.

Output Range: 0.5 KW to 2 KW

1 HP Treadmill Motor
Treadmill Motor

Specialized in Custom Built & Import Substitute Products

We Design, Manufacture & Supply Customized (Electrically & mechanically) DC Motors / Generators. Some of our custom built products are as under which are installed in various industries.

Motor For Interdrill
BOKARO Steel Plant Exciter (supplied against global tender)
Negative Center Mounting
Motors under back to back test
Custom built Monoblock MG Set (One DC Generator on Either Side of AC Motor)